Why CFO Business Partner

Why CFO Business Partner

The tagline for CFO Business Partner is “Stewarding Profits, People, Partners, and Places.” Over the course of the next few months I will be expanding on this theme and providing you with insights into what this tag line means to me, and how I am using this passion to help businesses flourish. In the meantime, below is a one page overview of who CFO Business Partner is and why a business might engage with CFO Business Partner.

Why does CFO Business Partner exist?

Small business is the backbone of our country’s economic engine. When business flourishes, the community surrounding that business flourishes as well. It is my passion to do my part in helping your small business flourish, so that our communities flourish along with you.

Who is CFO Business Partner?

Art Zylstra is your principal trusted advisor for strategic financial oversight of your privately held business. Art has over 30 years of experience working with small businesses in a variety of industries as their Accountant, Controller, and CFO.

What makes CFO Business Partner unique?

CFO Business Partner fills a unique market need for your small privately held business. With CFO Business Partner you get the expertise of a strategic CFO, the disciplined oversight of an experienced Controller, and the “roll up your sleeves” work ethic of someone who does what it takes to get the work done, all rolled into one package at an affordable price.

Who is an ideal client for CFO Business Partner?

CFO Business Partner excels with businesses that are growing and have between $1 million and $5 million in annual revenue, or 5 to 50 employees.

How do I know if CFO Business Partner is right for me?

The first step is to have a no-pressure introductory meeting with Art. Art will ask you about your business and the various day to day challenges you face as an owner. If we both agree that a potential match exists, then Art will move forward with a complimentary, yet comprehensive, financial analysis of your business. This analysis will include recommendations on how CFO Business Partner might assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Who are some of the clients that CFO Business Partner is helping now?

Seattle area coffee roaster; Seattle area commercial balancing service; Eastside game manufacturer and distributor; Eastside insurance and financial planning firm; North King County estate guardian and trust company; East King County asphalt and concrete company; East King County software developer and reseller; Southern California non-profit.

How do I contact CFO Business Partner to see if this is the best option for my company?

Art can be contacted by phone, email, website, or LinkedIn – 425-931-3430; ArtZ@CFOBusinessPartner.com; www.CFOBusinessPartner.com; www.linkedin.com/in/artzylstra/