What can CFO Business Partner Do For You?

With over 30 years of experience working as an Accountant, Controller and CFO of privately held manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and non-profit businesses means you will have the wisdom of a financial guide on your side. My work as your personal CFO is very hands-on and integral to:


Preparing you for rapid growth, because expansion requires planning to accommodate your need for additional capital to finance healthy growth. This process can often be quite complex.


Evaluating opportunities associated with a merger or acquisition is also important. In situations like this, part of my role is to help you select the correct team to pick a good acquisition target.


Being mindful of your optimum accounting software and banking relationships because they can be very instrumental to your day-to-day operations and growth trajectory.


Ensuring that you are receiving and interpreting the core financial statements you need to understand the ongoing health of your business. If they are not prepared on a timely basis, you might overlook time-sensitive warning signs or business opportunities.


Reviewing the regulatory, tax, government regulations, industry or legislative changes that might alter your future plans. It’s about knowing all of your financial risks.


My clients know that I consistently show them their unique organizational big picture in terms they are familiar with. That’s what I believe it means to “steward profit, people, partners and places.”