What Does CFO Business Partner Do For You?

The CFO Gap

My experience working with entrepreneurial companies is that a gap exists in the financial leadership of many of these firms. The problem with managing growth for most organizations is that it is not a seamless, smooth process, but rather a wrenching, chaotic one. Growth requires substantial and dramatic changes in the skill sets of personnel, in systems, and in processes. Ideally, companies should ramp up little by little as growth occurs. Unfortunately, acquiring new skills, systems and processes little by little is generally not feasible.

The Solution

Your CFO Business Partner will focus on the financial aspects of your business for you. This will allow you to focus on the “Non-Financial” aspects of your business development like sales, marketing, product development, and product fulfillment.

In consultation with you, CFO Business Partner will focus attention on the financial aspects such as oversight of accounting functions (payroll, accounts receivable, risk management, financial reporting), improved budgeting and planning, raising capital needs, managing debt, or assistance with potential mergers, acquisitions, or exit strategies.

Since your business is unique, CFO Business Partner brings a unique solution to your business. Our initial complimentary financial analysis of your business, based on interviews with the owner and key staff, a review of your historical financial statements, and an understanding of your goals for the future, will provide us with enough information to set up the engagement with a fixed monthly fee.

It is CFO Business Partner’s promise that the solution will not only be affordable, but will provide more value to you then what you are paying for. Each month CFO Business Partner will solicit feedback from you to make sure expectations are being met and a greater value is being delivered. Your CFO Business Partner will be available via phone, text or email throughout the month to answer your questions and provide the information you need to make strategic financial decisions about your company.

It is CFO Business Partner’s goal to become a long-term trusted advisor to your business. As your business grows, the nature of the type of assistance changes as well. As your long-term trusted advisor, CFO Business Partner understands your business and the changing needs. We can respond quickly to these changing needs and provide solutions when your company needs it the most.